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    I have been a watch dealer and collector for about 20 years, and I have used my experience to help my clients to grow their collections. I am quite often asked market information, or to give an opinion as to a watches authenticity. To this end I began to write articles for antique magazines and local newspapers, partly to advertise my business but also to help people find what they want. I have now decided to write a blog to put these articles together but also to have a place for my clients and other collectors to have some of their questions answered

   The format of all my articles will be to first give information on the watch in the article, for example its history, its design, and how it has got to how it is perceived in the world of watches today. I will the go on to discuss the variations of the watch and which is the more desirable, and then onto values, using auction history and current models on sale today. The articles will not be over technical or in depth. They are to give basic information to help anybody thinking of purchasing a watch, the ability to make a better-informed purchase.

   In the archived articles I have posted I have in some cases predicted watches that are a good buy at the time but in my opinion are undervalued so are a good future investment. In some of the articles the passage of time has proved me right but in no means in all cases. Notable successes has been the Omega Speedmaster, the IWC Fleiger Chrono/ Mk xv-xvi, and the Zenith El-Primero.

   I have been advising my clients for many years and in most cases they have bought watches they have enjoyed owning and wearing, that have also gone on to be good investments. I have also advised clients as to when I think watches are overpriced and they should hold off before buying. Lastly I have also advised them not to buy certain models of watch as in my opinion they are just a passing fad with no intrinsic future value.

   I am not perfect so do not get it right all the time, but the fact that I love watches for their history, style, and mechanisms, and I do not treat them as commodities like many other dealers. I am also not geekish about watches so I do not live and breath serial numbers and calibres. I think this is what gives me a better chance of advising people correctly.

   I hope you find my articles interesting, and if you happen to see me at a show and I am free please stop and have a chat. I am always happy to look at interesting watches, get constructive feedback, or be advised if I have got something wrong, as like you I am always learning. 

Michael: 13th Mar 2015 10:46:00


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